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This version of the website is half optimised for mobile, half absolutely terrible for mobile. A nice responsive website is on my list of things that I would like to fix in the world.

Hi there, welcome to my personal site. It’s part blog, part portfolio, part place to try new things.

I work in HE helping to produce websites and content within the University of Manchester. Outside work I have a degree in Marine Biology and am interested in science, the environment, bouldering, bikes, and open source software.

Phil Wolstenholme


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Talking to your Sony Bravia TV over HTTP with Google Now, Tasker, XBMC, and Roku

Using Tasker, AutoVoice, Yatse and XBMC, I built a custom Google Now (‘OK Google’) command to play/pause media on my Sony Bravia TV. With a few modifications, it now works across all the apps on my Sony Bravia TV, my XBMC (now called Kodi) box, and my NowTV/Roku box too. Take that Siri! Not bad for half an hour’s work…

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When's the last tram home in Manchester? (As seen on Buzzfeed)

Update: Just in time for the Easter bank holiday weekend I’ve added a function to the site’s code which tests the current date against an iCal file of English bank holidays

Image credit goes to Carter Green

An aerial shot of an easyJet flight in mid-air

Changing short names to full or formal names with Ryanair and easyJet

It’s free to change your name on a Ryanair or easyJet booking where you have accidentally used a shortened form of your full or formal name. 

Image credit goes to Simon Allardice